God, you duds got a visit these sites. It was early in the morning and I was trying to prepare myself psychologically to work, so clicking here and there on one of my favorite blogs I found this link to My odd days, “One thing that happens to me every odd numbered day” as the author says. The awesome stuff came when I looked for the band Nate Denver’s Neck —which appears on one of the odd animations— then I PPPPFFFFFFFFF, no, I didn’t fart, that’s the onomatopoeia I use to express astonishment. So go and get them ride and don’t forget to chaos.

I recommend these songs: Four Horsemen at Nate Denver’s Neck myspace, and Ballad of the Bullied Demons at Nate’s space,  really great great Acoustic Death Metal Folk

want more you masochists? you garbage

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    hello madre nomas aqui pasando por la composta jejeje son casi las doce de la noche suiguen jugando pero esta padre el juego de los frijolitos jaja aun que algo estresante bye te kiero madre posdata:no devoluciones de comentario